Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is Looking Youthful Important To You?

Many years ago our society looked at wrinkles as a sign of knowledge, wisdom, acquired skills, experience and maturity. But today's youth obsessed culture looks at aging and wrinkles in a not so positive light. Many people wish to maintain a youthful appearance and are prepared to spend money to do whatever it takes to keep their youth.

They embark on all sorts of cosmetic procedures to erase the signs of age from their faces and their bodies. Surgical procedures like facelifts, botox injections and laser treatments are common place among those who wish to look and feel their best.

Usually an exercise program tends to conjure up images of strengthening muscles, weight loss, toning thighs, firming our backsides and the backs of our arms. We tend not to think of exercise as has having any special anti-aging effects on our skin and the way we look but it most definitely does. Regular exercise does play a major role in how healthy the skin is not only on the face but the whole body as well.

Most of us are aware that proper exercise that works our muscular system has important health benefits for our whole body, but many people do not realize that our skin is the largest organ of our body and the benefits of exercise on it are also huge. Toning and tightening muscle tissue under previously saggy and loose skin not only creates a firm toned, shapely body but benefits the muscles on our face as well.

Each time we put some effort into a strength training exercise almost all of the muscles in our body as well as the face are tensed and worked as well. When we work out they work out. By making our muscles stronger we can increase their firmness and tone so that the skin that they are attached too is pulled tighter reducing sagginess and wrinkles. The increased tone can help 'pad' out the skin keeping it from sagging.

Strength training exercise increases circulation along with the delivery of nutrients to all skin cells and tissues. This also flushes away potentially damaging toxins that make our skin look dull and tired. Oxygen is increased to the tissues keeping the skin looking young and healthy. People who are very active look younger compared to people who live a sedentary life. Proper exercise that works the muscular system has many other healthy benefits as well.

You will become stronger, more flexible, endurance and stamina is increased, energy levels are increased and your metabolism (your body's engine) is boosted. This makes sure excess body fat is kept under control and not allowed to accumulate spoiling your looks and threatening your health.

So get yourself started on your strength training program so you can look and feel more youthful no matter what your age. The earlier we take action and begin preparing, the better we can minimize the affect the aging process has on us. Even though our skin will continue to age as we get older exercise will go a long way to help it looking great from the inside out.


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