Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Learn to Type Fast

There are many ways to learn how to do something, but there are only a few ways to learn how to do something correctly. Learning to type fast is very important skill, for almost every job. From offices to warehouses computers skills are needed to complete even the simplest of tasks. Plus now that email and instant messaging are important form of communications when you learn to type fast you are learning how to better communicate with the world. Some people can

type faster than they can write. Many ten-finger typists say that typing fast enables them to think faster as you could have your thoughts written almost as fast as you are actually thinking. You will certainly benefit from that at school or work.

Here are some tips on how to learn to type fast.

Learn To Type Fast Tip #1 - Finger Location
The importance of finger location when learning to type fast should not be underestimated. No more search and peck typing your finger should rest comfortably on the keyboard as you learn the keylocations.8 fingers of your two hands should be placed on the second or home row of the keyboard(A S D F G H J K L...). Every time a finger leaves this row to strike another key, return it to home position quickly. Your two thumbs are on the space bar.

Learn To Type Fast Tip #2 - Concentration
Think to yourself or even say out loud which letters you are typing. This will help you learn the layout of the keyboard. Start of slow and learn the entire keyboard before you learn to type fast. It is also important to not look at the keyboard when you learn to type fast so that you are forced to memorize the keys. If you learn to type fast while looking at the key, when you go out into real world typing situations you will continue to have a difficult time with spelling mistakes and dictation because you will not be able to see the mistakes on the screen.

Learn To Type Fast Tip #3 - Practice
Practicing when you learn to type fast is the only way to gain a mastery of typing. I recommend buying some software, which has typing games so that you can stay interested. I recommend http://www.tutor-typing.com/it has easy to use software and works for any level of typist. It is also the most interesting and fun software that I have used for learn to type fast. I hope these tips have been helpful, good luck.


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