Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Babies Cry While Sleeping?

Do you really get scared to hear that your baby is crying while sleeping in the nighttime, but when you go into her room and you find that she is having a comfortable sleep? Most of the mothers really get confused that what is all this? Here, we are looking to make you calm and relaxed that baby’s cry in her sleep is not a matter to get worried. It is a common exercise of all the babies and it is not a matter of big concern for the parents.

Now let us reveal you the main reasons why babies are found crying during their sleeping hour as this is important for your newborn baby care. One thing must be very clear in your mind that cry, laugh, giggle, talk etc are very common observations during infants’ sleep. As we all know that the first couple of years of the life of a baby show a very rapid ratio of their growth and most of the growth occur in the sleeping time, therefore it is very normal for a baby to cry while sleeping.

One of the main reasons for their cry in sleep is due to the pain that they feel due to the growing teeth. It is a very painful experience for every baby, so it is natural that they will cry feeling this pain.

If you have found that this is not the reason why your child is crying. Then the other possible reason for crying may be the nightmare. There is always a chance that your baby is having painful dream that is becoming the cause of her cry. Whatever may be the reason, you should not worry because it is common in all babies and not a thing for what you need to get worried.


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