Monday, March 8, 2010

The Deepest one

Have I told you how good
It feels to be me
When I'm in you?
I can only stay clean
When you are around
Don't let me fall... :(

If I close my eyes forever...
Would it ease the pain?
Could I breathe again?

Maybe I'm addicted..
I'm out of control
But you're the drug that keeps me from dyin'...

Maybe I'm a liar
But all I really know is you're the only reason I'm tryin'...

I am wasted away
I made a million mistakes
Am I too late?

There is a storm in my head
It rains on my bed when you are not here... :(

I'm not afraid of dying
But I am afraid of Losin' you... :'(

When you're lyin' next to me
Love is goin' through to me
and it's beautiful
Everythin' is clear to me
'Till I hit reality
And I lose it all...


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